Future Endeavors

What does the future hold?


    I had originally planned to do a trilogy or even a longer series. However, my first novel hasn't sold well and I find these historical novels take a long time to research and write. My plans for now are to finish the second novel, and then take a break from writing in order to go back to college for more marketable classes. I don't make a living from my writing so it will have to be put on hold for sometime. It's not what I want but financial realities have taken hold. When my finances are in better shape, I wish to return to writing and will probably try a different genre.

    I want to start a fantasy trilogy involving dragons, elves, giants, humans, and goblins. I drew maps for this fantasy world last summer (2011). I also want to write a post-apocalyptic novel and a space opera. Lots of ideas...finding the time to write is the tricky part. Perhaps I can get a literary agent and publish in the mainstream someday. If not, then I will continue to self-publish.